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Kristine Rae Anderson won first place in Southern Indiana Review’s 2007 Mary C Mohr Poetry Contest.  She teaches at Riverside Community College in California.

Angela Armstrong teaches mathematics by day and studies cabaret-style belly dance by night.  Her poems have appeared in Bellingham Review and 32 Poems.

Jeanette Barnes’ award-winning poetry has appeared in Pushcart XXVI, Southern Poetry Review, Shenandoah, Rosebud, and other national journals.

Ellen Bass, a Santa Cruz poet, has published two collections, The Human Line and Mules of Love.  She teaches at Pacific University.

Dan Bellm’s third book of poetry, Practice, won a 2009 California Book Award.  He lives, writes, and teaches poetry writing in San Francisco. 

Paula Brancato, is a poet and filmmaker teaching at the Univeristy of Southern California. Recent poems appear in Rattle, Southern California Anthology, and pacificREIVEW.

Marion Brown’s poetry and reviews have appeared in numerous journals across the country.  She lives with her husband in Yonkers, NY.

Sharon Chmielarz’ two books are The Rhubarb King and The Other Mozart.  Her work has recently appeared in Margie and The Iowa Review.

Jeanne E Clark’s first poetry collection, Ohio Blue Tips, won the Akron Poetry Prize.  She currently teaches poetry at Cal State, Chico.

Don Colburn, a reporter for Portland’s Oregonian, has written two award-winning poetry chapbooks—Another Way to Begin and As If Gravity Were a Theory

Billy Collins served as US Poet Laureate from 2001-2003.  His most recent collections of poetry include The Trouble with Poetry and Ballistics

Heather Cousins holds degrees from Bryn Mawr, Johns Hopkins and The University of Georgia.  Her first book, Something in the Potato Room, was published in 2009.

Carolyn Creedon, after years of working as a San Francisco waitress, earned degrees from Smith College and Washington University.  She now teaches in Virginia. 

JP Dancing Bear is editor of American Poetry Review, publisher of Dream Horse Press, and poetry-show host on KKUP in Cupertino, CA.

Larry O Dean was born and raised in Flint, MI.  His numerous chapbooks include I Am Spam, a series of poems “inspired” by junk email.

Stephan Delbos, originally from New England, now lives in Prague, where he teaches and edits the The Prague Revue.  His writing has appeared internationally.

Alison Doernberg grew up in Atlanta but has recently traded her native dogwoods for the palm trees of Oakland, where she works as a high school counselor.

Camille T Dungy, a San Francisco State Creative Writing Associate Professor, is author of What to Eat, What to Drink, What to Leave for Poison.

Haines Eason’s poems have appeared in Indiana Review, New England Review and Pleiades.  He is associate editor with Boulevard and lives in St Louis.

Rebecca Foust’s award-winning poetry collections are all that gorgeous pitiless song, Dark Card, and Mom’s Canoe.  She lives and writes in California’s Marin County.

Jeff Friedman is a contributing editor to Natural Bridge and teaches in New England College’s MFA Program in Poetry.  His recent collection is Black Threads.

Michelle Galo received an honorable mention in the Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Prizes in 2008.  She lives in Glens Falls, NY.

Paul Greulich studied English and Writing at Southampton College, NY, and now writes for a weekly community newspaper in New Jersey.

Leo Haber’s novel, The Red Heifer, was puslished in 2001.  The editor of Midstream, a quarterly American/Jewish journal, he lives in Brooklyn, NY. 

Christina Hutchins, the poet laureate of Albany, CA, has published in numerous journals, including Antioch Review, Missouri Review, and The New Republic.

Maureen Kingston lives and writes in Wayne, NE.  Her most recent poems have appeared in Nebraska Life and Plains Song Review.

Marilynn Krause lives between two one-room cottages—one in Berkeley, one in Eugene, OR.  She’s now enjoying a much deserved acceptance streak.

Ken Letko’s poems have appeared numerous journals, including Rattle and Natural Bridge.   He teaches English at Northern California’s College of the Redwoods.

Gregory Loselle, a secondary school teacher, has won many awards for his poetry.  His two chapbooks are Phantom Limb and Our Parents Dancing.

Suzanne Lummis was one of fity artists, musicians and writers representing Los Angeles in the 2009 Guadalajara International Book Fair.  Her poems are widely published.

Katharyn Howd Machan, writing professor at Ithaca College, has published thirty collections of poetry, most recently Belly Words: Poems of Dance.

Eileen Malone, living and writing just south of San Francisco, is the founder/director of the Soul-Making Literary Competition, currently in its 15th year. 

Emma McClure is a junior majoring in English and Philosophy at Indiana University.  “Drifting Sand” is her first published poem.

Joshua McKinney’s recent book of poetry, The Novice Mourner, won the 2005 Dorothy Brunsman Poetry Prize.  He teaches creative writing at Cal State Sacramento. 

Jane Mead  is the author of, most recently, The Usable Field.  She farms in Northern California.

GM Monks, winner of the 2008 Mendocino Coast Writers Conference Poetry Prize, lives in a hard-core California suburb while working in a hard-core bureaucracy.

Carol Muske-Dukes, the poet laureate of California, is founding director of the USC Graduate Program in Creative Writing & Literature.  Her most recent collection is Sparrow.

Elizabeth Oakes has two book:  The Luminescence of All Things Emily and The Farmgirl Poem, winner of the 2004 Pearl Poetry Prize.

LeeAnn Pickrell, an Oakland editor, has published her poetry in Atlanta Review, Slant, and Eclectica, where she was a 2008 Spotlight Poet.

Dietrich Rapalski is an improvisational actor, poet and songwriter who currently resides in San Francisco, where he finds himself inspired by its peculiar weather.

Jay Rubin teaches writing at the College of Alameda, across the bay from San Francisco, where he lives with his wife and son. 

CJ Sage, when not editing the National Poetry Review, is a Realtor in Coastal California.  Her new book of poems is The Bank of Stay

Caitelen Schneeberger, an MFA student at Ashland University, lives in Albuquerque with her husband, Greg.  “Sympathy for the Word” is her first publication.

Hope Maxwell Snyder, born and raised in Colombia, South America, received a PhD in Spanish Medieval Literature from the University of Manchester in England.

Julie Tepper Standig lives on Long Island but spends most of her day on the Upper West Side.  “Madame Moustache’s” is her first published poem.

David Starkey is the poet laureate of Santa Barbara and director of the Creative Writing Program and Santa Barbara City College. 

Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet’s poetry collection, Tulips, Water, Ash, won the 2009 Morse Prize.  She lives in San Francisco with her husband and son. 

Maxine Susman, a professor of English at Caldwell College, belongs to Cool Women, a critique/performance group.  Her most recent chapbooks are Wartime Address and Familiar.

Adam Tavel is an Assistant Professor of English at Wor-Wic Community College on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.   His poems and reviews are widely published.

Judith Terzi’s poetry has appeared in Borderlands, Ginosko, and Raving Dove.  She lives in Pasadena, CA, where she taught high-school French for many years.

Truth Thomas, a singer and poet from Washington, DC, has published three poetry collections—Party of Black, A Day of Presence, and Bottle of Life.

Jari Thymian’s recent works appear in The Pedestal, Broadsided Press, Margie, and The Christian Science Monitor.  She lives in suburban Denver.

Brian Turner’s first poetry collection, Here, Bullet, was written while serving as infantry team leader in Iraq.  His second, Phantom Noise, is available in 2010.

Jeanne Wagner, an East Bay poet, won the 2009 Briar Cliff Review Award.  Her book The Zen Piano-Mover won the 2004 Stevens Manuscript Award.

Charles Harper Webb’s latest poetry collection is Shadow Ball: New & Selected Poems.  He directs the Creative Writing Program at CSU Long Beach.

Cecilia Woloch, author of four award-winning poetry collections, most recently Narcissus and Carpathia, lectures in the University of Southern California’s Creative Writing Program.

Stefanie Wortman, a University of Missouri PhD candidate, has published poems in Yale Review, New Orleans Review, Smartish Pace, and From the Fishouse.  

Liz Young recently received her undergraduate degrees from Michigan State University and now works for Americorps in Anacortes, WA.

Changming Yuan grew up in rural China, authored three books before moving to Canada, where he now teaches writing in Vancouver. 

Andrena Zawinski, a Pittsburgh native, now lives and teaches writing in Oakland.  Her poetry collections include Traveling in Reflected Light: Greatest Hits 1991-2001
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